CPR and First Aid Classes

We offer a wide range of CPR classes to fit the need of what your are looking for. See our complete list along with descriptions to find out more.

Fitness and Wellness

Our body is a wonderland and taking care of it is the first step in staying healthy and feeling better. Learn from our instructors on how to feel great everyday.

BreastFeeding and Education

Come learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for both you and your infant! Classes include breastfeeding education, pumping, and a FREE weekly mother's group.

Services Offered

 CPR/First Aid/AED Classes

 Homeschool, Babysitting, and Teen CPR/AED/First Aid Classes

 Stop The Bleed Training

 Breastpump Rentals

 Lactation Consultations with IBCLC

 Mother's Milk Bank of Austin Breastmilk Donor Site

 Breastfeeding and Lactation Classes

 Prenatal Yoga and Holy Yoga

 Free Latch and Chat Breastfeeding Support Group

 Free FUSE Support Group for parents of medically fragile or special healthcare needs children

 Free Medical Supply Closet for those with healthcare-related needs

Skills-Only Checkoff

Do class portion online on the AHA Website on your own time! Then do a Skills Check-Off Only with us! Recertify in 20-30 minutes! Receive your AHA BLS Recert Card same day!

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Mission and Values

Mission: To enhance the health and happiness of the community through education and support by empowering individuals and families with life-saving and knowledge-enhancing wellness and health education.



Delivering evidence-based, effective, and up-to-date quality education to the community.



Listening to needs of the community and creating curriculum to meet the health and education needs of the community at-large.



Facilitating education to empower individuals and families with life-saving knowledge and enhancing the health and happiness of the families in our community.



Loving what we do and seeking to instill our passion for health and wellness to the families of our community.



Seeking to create a trusting relationship with the individuals and families to grow with them over time, providing anticipatory guidance, and educating the way throughout the lifespan.


Personal Development

Empowering ourselves to create goals and achieve them through a service to others and bring true to self.